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BOT - OutSourcing


  • Plug and play development facility
  • Build Operated-Transfer outsourcing
  • Offshore, Onshore, Near Shore Outsourcing
  • Traditional Outsourcing


  • Cost-effective
  • Experienced start-up team
  • Scalable infrastructure/resource
  • Reduced costs of development to market
  • Faster revenue generation and market share capture
  • No initial investment risk
  • Final ownership of ODC
  • Long-term cost stability and predictability
  • Acquisition of world-class methods and procedures
  • Focus on strategic issues

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is an outsourcing asset-building strategy that helps companies better manage their growing operations, and is ideal for companies that ultimately want to own an offshore development center.

In this model, VISTADOS shifts clients outsourcing dollars into an investment and asset-building strategy and allows them to have the option to own their dedicated offshore operations over time.

The traditional outsourcing option is to engage a vendor who offers offshore services, or set up one's own facility. VISTADOS offers another alternative to off-shoring.

VISTADOS's approach is to understand the client's business model and then build the BOT program around this. The BOT model enables the transfer of ownership of people, product and infrastructure over time to the client. This enables the client to protect its intellectual property by retaining the individuals with systems knowledge and the proven processes that made them successful. In this way, the client builds valuable strategic assets for the company.

BOT vs Traditional Outsourcing

Coupled with additional benefits, traditional outsourcing has numerous advantages in terms of lowering costs. Improving service time and accelerating time to market. However, traditional outsourcing does come with its own set of disadvantages. VISTADOS's BOT model offers clients all the benefits of outsourcing as well as the option to retain total control of operations. The cost, combined with a transparent model, helps clients to have total control over expenses.

OUTSOURCING and Delivery Models

VISTADOS recognizes customer's needs to extend IT's contribution to critical business processes. VISTADOS creates a unique outsourcing joint venture to enhance career opportunities and gain access to a broader talent pool. Recognizing the benefits of providing its applications systems developers with an extrepreneurial culture and continually updated skills, VISTADOS helps corporations to restructure its IS organization and outsource systems delivery.

VISTADOS DCAM Team addresses the very fundamental questions, like:

  • How can IT outsourcing help a company achieve its strategic goals?
  • What kinds of outsourcing relationship should it enter into?
  • How can the incentives of client and vendor firms best be aligned through the sharing of risks and rewards?
  • What must the management do to ensure the success of these arrangements?