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Vistados Software Services is proud member of New Jersey Staffing Association. The New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA) is an industry trade association of direct hire, contract and temporary staffing firms.
see more NJSA represents members professionally engaged in all areas of personnel services including search, recruitment, placement and temporary help services. Founded in 1960, the mission of the New Jersey Staffing Alliance is to be the advocate for the success and growth of NJSA members and the New Jersey staffing industry through leadership in legislation, education, ethics and professional business practices. All members subscribe to both a Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Practices as a condition of membership.

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Government Services

Integrate & manage your IT investment suitability, budge & priority of the assignment.

Enabling Government to Meet The Challenges Ahead.

Government at all levels has experienced an unrelenting demand to improve the delivery and infrastructure of their information technology landscapes. The primary drivers for this include:

  • Enhance Transparency.
  • Improve Connectivity.
  • Deliver Services in a Timelier and More Cost Effective Manner.

Government also has a pressing need to reduce the cost of providing services as the economy continues to impose drastic reductions in available revenue streams, while demand for services continues unabated. To address this need, government is looking at a variety of options which include:

  • Greater reliance on professional services contingent labor.
  • Consolidation of facilities.
  • Cost sharing.
  • Improvement in the delivery of services.
  • Upgrading outdated technologies.
  • Implementing solutions that are simpler and more cost effective to maintain.

Vistados has been a trusted partner to government

  • US Federal Government.
  • US State and Local Government.
  • International agencies.