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Vistados Software Services is proud member of New Jersey Staffing Association. The New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA) is an industry trade association of direct hire, contract and temporary staffing firms.
see more NJSA represents members professionally engaged in all areas of personnel services including search, recruitment, placement and temporary help services. Founded in 1960, the mission of the New Jersey Staffing Alliance is to be the advocate for the success and growth of NJSA members and the New Jersey staffing industry through leadership in legislation, education, ethics and professional business practices. All members subscribe to both a Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Practices as a condition of membership.

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Contingent Search

It takes much more than just interviewing and checking references. A retained or contingent search is a strategic, dynamic process. We truly understand the needs and interests of all parties and work diligently to ensure the best outcome

Vistados Software Services provides customized recruiting services on a contingent or retained search basis, depending on what will be most helpful to the client and the process. We’ve worked with companies ranging from Fortune 100 to new start-up organizations.

In all economic conditions, companies need to choose from industry-leading candidates. As a “career agent” we understand the need to identify and match qualified individuals to each position, and the critical importance of due diligence. Our unique recruitment process taps into a variety of hiring pools, including the working candidate. We utilize old school headhunting techniques as well as new social networking, internet aggregating, spidering, and other cutting edge methods to unveil the right prospects.

We have a specialized senior team of recruiters who provide executive search functions on a retained basis. These searches include “C-level”, SVP, VP and leadership roles. In addition, Vistados Software Services offers a range of hiring options and can structure a contract-to-hire solution that is designed to be in the best interests of our clients and our candidates. Please contact us to discuss your specific recruitment needs.